Minds and Machines

Don Berkich TR 12:30-1:45, IH-157 Spring 2017
PHIL 4303.001, PSYC 4390.002: Minds and Machines

You don't understand it if you don't know how to build it.


Thursday, 01-19-17 Introduction  
Tuesday, 01-24-17 The History of Cognition I: Ancient Philosophy  
Thursday, 01-26-17 The History of Cognition II: Modern Philosophy Problem Set 01 Assigned
Tuesday, 01-31-17 The History of Cognition III: Contemporary Philosophy  
Thursday, 02-02-17 The History of Artificial Intelligence Problem Set 01 Due
Tuesday, 02-07-17 The Turing Test  
Thursday, 02-09-17 Computability Problem Set 02 Assigned
Tuesday, 02-14-17 Computability, Complexity, and the Church-Turing Thesis  
Thursday, 02-16-17 Robot Intentionality I: The Chinese Room Problem Set 02 Due; Problem Set 03 Assigned; Term Paper Prospectus Assigned
Tuesday, 02-21-17 Robot Intentionality II: The Chinese Room Replies, Boden's Response, and Searle's Argument
Thursday, 02-23-17 Robot Intentionality III: Dretske's Response Problem Set 03 Due; Term Paper Prospectus Due; Problem Set 04 Assigned
Tuesday, 02-28-17 Robot Intentionality IV: Dennett's Response Annotated Bibliography Assigned
Thursday, 03-02-17 Robot Intentionality V: The Frame Problem Problem Set 04 Due; Problem Set 05 Assigned
Tuesday, 03-07-17 Robot Intentionality VI: Theories of Meaning  
Thursday, 03-09-17 Robot Intentionality VII: Externalism and Distributed Cognition Problem Set 05 Due; Problem Set 06 Assigned
Tuesday, 03-14-17 Spring Break  
Thursday, 03-16-17 Spring Break  
Tuesday, 03-21-17 Consciousness I: The (Hard) Problem  
Thursday, 03-23-17 Consciousness II: The Knowledge Argument Problem Set 06 Due; Problem Set 07 Assigned
Tuesday, 03-28-17 Consciousness III: The Modal Gap Annotated Bibliography Due; Term Paper Rough Draft Assigned
Thursday, 03-30-17 Consciousness IV: The Explanatory Gap Problem Set 07 Due; Problem Set 08 Assigned
Tuesday, 04-04-17 Consciousness V: Responses  
Thursday, 04-06-17 Machine Autonomy I: The Traditional Problem of Freedom of Will Problem Set 08 Due; Problem Set 09 Assigned
Tuesday, 04-11-17 Machine Autonomy II: Against Machine Agency  
Thursday, 04-13-17 Machine Autonomy III: Against Machine Autonomy Problem Set 09 Due; Problem Set 10 Assigned
Tuesday, 04-18-17 Robot Persons I Term Paper Rough Draft Due; Term Paper Final Draft Assigned
Thursday, 04-20-17 Robot Persons II Problem Set 10 Due
Tuesday, 04-25-17 NFAI I: Connectionism, Genetic Algorithms, Artificial Life, and Situated Robotics  
Thursday, 04-27-17 NFAI II: The Coming Revolution  
Tuesday, 05-02-17 NFAI III: The Age of the Robot  
Wednesday, 05-03-17 Reading Day  
Wednesday, 05-10-17   Term Paper Final Draft Due