CFP: The British Undergraduate Philosophy Review

CFP: The British Undergraduate Philosophy Review

The British Undergraduate Philosophy Review invites submissions from current undergraduates for its Summer 2020 Issue. The BUR is a newly established philosophy journal aiming to showcase the best of undergraduate philosophy; we encourage undergraduates to submit essays on topics from all areas of philosophy.

If you wish to submit a paper, please send it to before Saturday 15th August 2020 together with a separate document including your name, contact details, paper title, and university affiliation. Please ensure that the paper contains no information which could be used to identify the author. Please also note that we only accept one paper per author, and will not accept papers that have previously been published elsewhere.

Submissions of 2000-3000 words are preferred, but all submissions under 5000 words will be peer-reviewed. Submissions are welcome from all areas of philosophy.

Papers should be clear enough to be understood by an intelligent layperson. The argumentation must be rigorous. The paper should not be longer than is necessary to demonstrate its conclusion. In addition, the Review prefers papers that offer original arguments or philosophical positions, although papers must be clear and precise above all.

Authors will be notified as to whether their paper has been accepted no more than two weeks after the submission deadline. Accepted papers will be published in the British Undergraduate Philosophy Review Summer 2020 Issue.

Please do get in contact with the review, either via Facebook or email, if you have any questions regarding the submission process.

For more information about the journal, the submission process, and essay writing advice, please visit our Facebook page at or our website,

The British Undergraduate Philosophy Review looks forward to receiving your submissions!