Ana Andrei

Ana-Maria Andrei, PhD (University of Florida)
Professional Assistant Professor

Areas of Specialization: Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language, Metaphysics
Areas of Competence: Logic, Epistemology, Aesthetics, German Philosophy

My Fall 2018 Metaphysics course will cover the following topics among others: free will, paradoxes of material constitution, personal identity, the metaphysics of possible worlds, particulars vs. universals. 

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Courses taught: 
Introduction to Logic and Critical Thinking 
Contemporary Philosophy
Philosophy of Art
Political Philosophy
Professional Ethics 

Upcoming presentations: 
“Revisiting the phenomenal concept strategy in response to the explanatory gap,” Levels of Cognition conference organized by the Italian Cognitive Science Association, Genoa, June 25-27, 2018
“The Gettier problem and misleading defeaters,” conference of the European Epistemology Network, Amsterdam, June 28-30, 2018