Don Berkich


  • Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi Associate Professor of Philosophy

  • President of the International Association for Computing and Philosophy

  • Studies include Agency, Autonomy, Intentionality, Artificial Intelligence, A Priori Knowledge, and Personal Identity

  • Courses include Minds and Machines, Philosophy and History of Science and Technology, Philosophy of Love and Sex, Ancient Philosophy, Contemporary Analytic Philosophy, and Elementary Formal Logic



  • Cyclist
  • Whovian
  • Ailurophile





(361) 825-3976 (office)
(361) 944-2756 (cell, texts much preferred)


Don Berkich, Ph.D
Faculty Center 280
Department of Humanities
Texas A&M University Corpus Christi
6300 Ocean Drive
Corpus Christi, Texas 78412-5814

Fall 2018 Office Hours:

TR 11:00 - 2:00, FC-280.
Or email me to schedule an appointment.


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Lecture photos courtesy Jeffrey Janko, University Photographer.

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