Wednesday 12/11

Examination IV (Final)

We meet today in our usual classroom (BH-205) from 1:45 to 4:15 for our fourth and final examination.

This exam is worth 200 points; it is partly review, partly application. You should carefully review all of the notes, handouts, texts, and, crucially, the synopses for each of the lecture days. Make sure you understand all of the arguments--the arguments for each theory, and the arguments against. Be sure you understand the theories, how to apply them, and the Reflective Equilibrium arguments we have considered. Given the number of theories and arguments we've taken up all semester, it would be a great idea to use flash cards to help memorize them. Finally, because there is so much material to cover, I will permit each student a single, 4inch x 6inch handwritten notecard to help organize your review and recall material.

Examination IV is organized as follows:

  1. Logic, Theory, and Standards Review (15 MC)
  2. Moral Normative Theory Review (20 MC)
  3. Moral Principles (10 TF)
  4. The Principle of Analogy (Essay)
  5. Autonomy, Harm, and Paternalism (5 MC)
  6. Case Analyses
    1. Short Case (5 MC)
    2. Short Case (5 MC)
    3. Long Case (5 TF)
    4. Long Case (10 TF)
    5. Long Case (5 MC)
    6. Long Case (Essay)

The four long cases will be selected from the following list: