The Philosophy Minor

The Philosophy Minor

The philosophy minor requires a minimum of 21 semester hours of philosophy course work, at least 12 of which must be at the upper-division level.

9 hours from Basic Philosophy Courses

(Please note that students are encouraged to take PHIL 1301 and PHIL 2303 as early as possible in their pursuit of the minor.)

  • PHIL 1301: Introduction to Philosophy (3hrs)
  • PHIL 2303: Introduction to Logic and Critical Thinking (3hrs)
  • PHIL 2306: Introduction to Ethics (3hrs)

3 hours from History of Philosophy or Metaphysics and Epistemology

  • PHIL 3306: History of Eastern Philosophy I (3hrs)
  • PHIL 3307: History of Eastern Philosophy II (3hrs)
  • PHIL 3327: American Philosophy (3hrs)
  • PHIL 4303: Minds and Machines (3hrs)
  • PHIL 4304: Metaphysics (3hrs)
  • PHIL 4305: Epistemology (3hrs)
  • PHIL 4321: Ancient Philosophy (3hrs)
  • PHIL 4322: Modern Philosophy (3hrs)
  • PHIL 4323: Contemporary Philosophy (3hrs)
  • PHIL 4330: Philosophy and History of Science and Technology (3hrs)
  • PHIL 4331: Issues in Philosophy of Religion (3hrs)

3 hours from Values and Society

  • PHIL 3342: Philosophy of Love and Sex (3hrs)
  • PHIL 3343: Philosophy of Law (3hrs)
  • PHIL 3344: Social and Political Philosophy (3hrs)
  • PHIL 3345: The Meaning of Life (3hrs)
  • PHIL 3348: Ethics, War, and Terrorism (3hrs)
  • PHIL 4332: Moral Issues in Contemporary Medicine (3hrs)
  • PHIL 4333: Environmental Ethics (3hrs)
  • PHIL 4335: Moral Philosophy (3hrs)

6 hours from Prescribed Electives

(Please note that students may select (a) any upper-level philosophy courses that they are not using to satisfy the requirements of the groups listed above, or (b) courses from the list below.)

  • PHIL 3346: Elementary Formal Logic (3hrs)
  • PHIL 3347: Philosophy and Science Fiction (3hrs)
  • PHIL 4336: Advanced Seminar in Philosophy (3hrs)
  • PHIL 4337: Philosophy of Language (3hrs)
  • PHIL 4390: Topics in Philosophy (3hrs)
  • PHIL 4396: Directed Individual Study (1-3hrs)
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