The Philosophy Double-Major

The Philosophy Double-Major

The philosophy major was originally and quite deliberately conceived as an excellent (and doable) major to be coupled with any number of other majors, including

  • Computer Science
  • History
  • Psychology
  • Biology
  • Political Science
  • Fine Arts
  • Chemistry
  • ...among many others.

Given the foundational nature of philosophical study, the philosophy major suits virtually any other course of study one can imagine. Put simply, the discipline of philosophy emphasizes skills ranging from the purely logical and analytical to the expressive and creative which are important to any academic discipline whatsoever. Think of it as a kind of intellectual martial arts, training in which is not only transformative in its own right, but which also strengthens and improves all aspects of a full human life.

Unfortunately, a certain amount of doggedness is required to pursue double-majors. Advisors and some faculty frequently and strongly discourage them in an effort to get their students to graduate 'on time'. Our goal on these pages, to be filled out in consultation with faculty and advisors in other programs, is to show just how one can set out and successfully complete a double-major anchored by philosophy. Stay tuned for example degree plans, and please feel free in any case to contact us.

Some of the many questions philosophy asks.