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Please note that any scholar in philosophy would do well to begin with the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (SEP). Entries are written and reviewed by leading scholars in their respective fields; the extensive bibliography attached to each entry is particularly useful.

The Philosophers' Index

Certainly, the SEP will get you started. By far the most important resource, however, is the Philosopher's Index. It is provided online through the library. Go to the Philosophy Research Guide and select 'Philosopher's Index' from the 'Databases for Finding Articles' box. Don't confuse the Philosophers' Index with the index of Philosophy and Religion.

Useful Advice for Writing a Philosophy Paper

For better or worse, there is an embarrassment of advice available on how to write philosophy. While learning how to write philosophy is arguably just learning how to write well, some earnest suggestions and a few links to further reading about writing philosophy can be found on the Writing Philosophy resource page.