Philosophy of Love and Sex

Philosophy of Love and Sex

Love and Sex

On the philosophical nature of love and lust and the personal ethics of sexual relationships.

PHIL 3342.001: Philosophy of Love and Sex

Fall 2023
Don Berkich
TR 12:30 - 1:45, CS-115


Please note that this schedule is tentative and authoritative: Changes may be made, but they would be made here. Thus this page supersedes any page with which it conflicts..

Tuesday, 8/29 Introductory Remarks  
Thursday, 8/31 Love in Ancient Philosophy I  
Tuesday, 9/5 Love in Ancient Philosophy II  
Thursday, 9/7 Love in Ancient Philosophy III  
Tuesday, 9/12 Love in Medieval Philosophy Examination I
Thursday, 9/14 Contemporary Views on Love I  
Tuesday, 9/19 Contemporary Views on Love II  
Thursday, 9/21 Contemporary Views on Love III  
Tuesday, 9/26 Contemporary Views on Love IV  
Thursday, 9/28 Love, Lust, and Sex I Examination II
Tuesday, 10/3 Love, Lust, and Sex II  
Thursday, 10/5 Love, Lust, and Sex III  
Tuesday, 10/10 Casual Sex and the Hook-up Culture  
Thursday, 10/12 Promiscuity  
Tuesday, 10/17 Exclusivity and Polyamory  
Thursday, 10/19 Monogamy and Adultery  
Tuesday, 10/24 Sexual Regulation and Abortion Examination III
Thursday, 10/26 Erotic Entertainment I  
Tuesday, 10/31 Erotic Entertainment II  
Thursday, 11/2 Pornography I  
Tuesday, 11/7 Pornography II  
Thursday, 11/9 Prostitution  
Tuesday, 11/14 Sexual Perversion Examination IV
Thursday, 11/16 Rape I  
Tuesday, 11/21 Rape II  
Thursday, 11/23 Thanksgiving Break  
Tuesday, 11/28 Sexual Harassment  
Thursday, 11/30 Predictions  
Tuesday, 12/5 Closing Remarks  
Thursday, 12/7 Reading Day  
Saturday, 12/9 Examination V 1:45-4:15, CS-115