Problem Set 06

Note that I completely forgot to post the sixth problem set when it was supposed to be assigned. I'm grateful to Mackenzie for drawing my attention to my goof. So, we'll keep this one simple.


One of the complaints I've heard, and here I'm grateful to Ashlyn for having the courage to raise it, is, to paraphrase her as best I can recall,

I've talked to four or five other people in the class, and none of us have any idea what we're doing!

Setting aside how unhelpful it is to hear comments like "we don't understand anything!", here's your chance to earn credit by asking. In a short essay worth 50 points, identify and explain that point in the course thus far you find most confusing or perplexing. That is, having read the synopses and reviewed your notes, what continues to perplex you about it? Where, precisely, do you lose your footing and begin to throw up your hands in frustration?

Note that for those of you who do feel you have been able to keep up by attending class, taking careful notes, doing the readings, and reviewing the synopses, we have nevertheless considered a number of penetrating philosophical puzzles. For those of you in this camp, which puzzle do you find most absorbing--most challenging, that is to say, to all you thought you knew before?