Wednesday 2/12

Truth Tropic Language IV: Testing Translations




Today we restated the rules for analytic tableaux (see the notes above) in preparation for the examination (our first!) coming up Monday 2/17.

Next today we worked through some natural language arguments, translating them into the Propositional Calculus so as to determine their validity (by Truth Table, or by Analytic Tableaux). We showed what happens in a Truth Table when an argument is invalid (that is, discovering a row with all true premises and a false conclusion) and what happens in Analytic Tableaux when an argument is invalid (that is, not all branches die, showing that it is possible to assert the premises while denying the conclusion.)

To be sure, there is much to master between now and our exam on Monday. With translations as with analytic tableaux and truth tables, the only successful approach to mastery is practice. Work all the problems methodically and carefully. Don't try working on them alone, however. You'll never realize you've gone astray if you don't have other people to discuss the problems.

If you have any last minute questions before the exam, I'll be in my office (FC 280, upstairs from Starbucks) by Noon on Monday. Feel free to drop by!