Since the Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in losing our lecture hall meetings, we are no longer easily able to conduct Reading Quizzes as per our original syllabus. My adjustment to the syllabus is to transition to weekly reflective/analytical essays on topics of interest for the week. If we stick to our schedule, we'll get to at least 7 weekly essays, but only your best six will count towards your overall grade.


  • I will provide a prompt for each weekly essay, linked below and from our master schedule on the course homepage.
  • Each essay must be at least 500 words but no more than 1,000 words long.
  • Double space between each paragraph.
  • Write your essay in your favorite word processor, but instead of sending me the document as an attachment, copy and paste the essay as the body of email. Thus,
  • Provide the essay number and your name in the subject line of the email.
  • Send the email to me at by midnight of the day it is due.


Essay 1 (Assigned 3/26; Due 4/2)

Essay 2 (Assigned 4/2; Due 4/9)

Essay 3 (Assigned 4/9; Due 4/16)

Essay 4 (Assigned 4/16; Due 4/23)

Essay 5 (Assigned 4/23; Due 4/30)

Essay 6 (Assigned 4/30; Due 5/7)

Essay 7 (Assigned 5/7; Due 5/12)