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Please note that any scholar in philosophy would do well to begin with the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (SEP).  Entries are written and reviewed by leading scholars in their respective fields; the extensive bibliography attached to each entry is particularly useful.  David Chalmers has helpfully  collated all the entries in the Philosophy of Mind on one page, although my guess is that this list is out of date.

The SEP will get you started.  By far the most important resource, however, is the Philosophers' Index.  It is provided online through the library.  Go to this link and select "Sociology, Psych," from "Quicksets".  Then select "Philosophers' Index".  Don't confuse the Philosophers' Index with the index of Philosophy and Religion.  There really is no comparison.

Useful Advice for Writing a Philosophy Paper

For better or worse, there is an embarrassment of advice available on how to write philosophy. Although it can be argued that learning how to write philosophy is just learning how to write well, some earnest suggestions and a few links to further reading about writing philosophy can be found on the Writing Philosophy resource page.

Keyword Searchable Indices

Philosophers' Index (requires login) (From "QuickSets" select "Sociology, Psych," then "Philosophers' Index".)
Contemporary Philosophy of Mind (David Chalmers)
Google Scholar

Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Philosophy of Mind SEP Entries (David Chalmers)
The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Dictionary of the Philosophy of Mind

Libraries and Courses

MIT's CogNet Library
MIT's OpenCourseWare
Ned Block: Minds and Machines (NYU)
Peter Suber: Philosophy of Minds and Machines (Earlham)
Bruno Olshausen: Minds and Machines (Berkeley)
Minds and Machines (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
Jonathan Bain: Minds and Machines (Polytechnic University)
Alex Byrne: Minds and Machines (MIT)
Cian Dorr: Philosophy of Mind (NYU)
Jim Pryor: Philosophy of Mind (Princeton)
Paul Thagard: Philosophy of Mind (Waterloo)
Tim O'Keefe: The Philosophy of Mind (Minnesota-Morris)

Journals and Papers

Biology and Philosophy
British Journal for the Philosophy of Science
The PhilScie Archive (preprints)
Online Papers in Philosophy
Minds and Machines
Mind and Language
The British Journal of Psychology
The Journal of Experimental Psychology


The Laboratory for Perceptual Robotics (Massachusetts-Amherst)
The Robotics Institute (Carnegie Mellon)
Robotics and Intelligent Machines Laboratory (Berkeley)
Mobility and Robotic Systems (JPL)
Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (MIT)
The Humanoid Robotics Group