The purpose of this site is to provide students of Introduction to Ethics at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi with access to necessary and supplementary course materials. Here you will find course handouts, readings, notes, summaries, links, and whatever else might prove useful. Please note that this site is intended to supplement--not replace--our in class lectures, discussions, and presentations.

How to Use This Website

Resources are organized by day on the course home page. Click on the lecture title to go to the material for that day. Please note that the home page is authoritative: it supersedes any other page it contradicts. Any changes will be made to the home page and only to the home page.

Getting Permission to View Pages

Bear in mind that access to some of the readings requires an authorized account on the website. If you already have such an account, you're all set. If not, select "CAS Student Login" from the login box on the front page and an authorized account will automatically be created for you. If you do not have an Islander ID, or you prefer not using it, open an account by selecting "Create new account" and send an email to me ( will do fine) with the username you're using on the account and your full name. Once I get your email I will manually authorize your account so you have access to the course materials. Please note that you'll also need an authorized account to contribute to any online discussions.

A Note on Printing

Students often like to print out course materials (handouts, readings, notes, etc.) Sometimes this can be problematic, since a page which has been optimally formatted for viewing on a monitor screen prints very poorly -- usually with lots of blanks and wasted space. Fortunately the software that runs this site has been designed to provide print-ready text: Select "Printer-friendly version" from the bottom of any page. You can also retrieve a nicely formatted pdf of any page by selecting "PDF version"

Restrictions on Use

This website is specifically designed for the use of students in PHIL 2306: Introduction to Ethics at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. Materials may, however, be freely downloaded and distributed provided that proper credit is given. Anyone using these materials for purposes other than the course is asked to indicate so by email to the author, Don Berkich.