Ancient Philosophy

Ancient Philosophy

Introduction to Philosophy

For this is an experience which is characteristic of a philosopher, this wondering: this is where philosophy begins and nowhere else. --Plato, Theaetetus

PHIL 4321.001: Ancient Philosophy

Fall 2019
Don Berkich
TR 2:00 - 3:15, IH-267


Please note that this schedule is tentative and authoritative: Changes may be made, but they would be made here. Thus this page supersedes any page with which it conflicts..

Tuesday, 8/27 Introduction  
Thursday, 8/29 Apology  
Tuesday, 9/03 Lysis  
Thursday, 9/05 Republic, Book I  
Tuesday, 9/10 Republic, Book II  
Thursday, 9/12 Republic, Books II & III  
Tuesday, 9/17 Republic, Book III  
Thursday, 9/19 Republic, Books III & IV  
Tuesday, 9/24 Republic, Book IV  
Thursday, 9/26 Republic, Book V  
Tuesday, 10/01 Republic, Book VI  
Thursday, 10/03 Republic, Book VII  
Tuesday, 10/08 Republic, Book VIII  
Thursday, 10/10 Republic, Book IX  
Tuesday, 10/15 Republic, Book X  
Thursday, 10/17 Republic, catch-up day  
Tuesday, 10/22 Nicomachean Ethics Book I  
Thursday, 10/24 Nicomachean Ethics Book II  
Tuesday, 10/29 Nicomachean Ethics Book III  
Thursday, 10/31 Nicomachean Ethics Book IV  
Tuesday, 11/05 Nicomachean Ethics Book V  
Thursday, 11/07 Nicomachean Ethics Book VI  
Tuesday, 11/12 Nicomachean Ethics Book VII  
Thursday, 11/14 Nicomachean Ethics Books VIII  
Tuesday, 11/19 Nicomachean Ethics Books IX  
Thursday, 11/21 Nicomachean Ethics Books X  
Tuesday, 11/26 Nicomachean Ethics Catch-up Day  
Thursday, 11/28 Thanksgiving Holiday  
Tuesday, 12/03 Concluding Remarks  
Thursday, 12/05 Reading Day  
Monday, 12/09 Office Hours 10:00-1:00  
Tuesday, 12/10 Office Hours 10:00-1:00  
Wednesday, 12/11 Office Hours 10:00-1:00  
Thursday, 12/12 Final Essay 8:00-10:30