Introduction to Ethics

Introduction to Ethics

A first course in moral normative analysis.

PHIL 2306.001: Introduction to Ethics

Summer II 2019
Don Berkich
MTWR 2:00 - 3:55, CI-109


Please note that this schedule is tentative and authoritative: Changes may be made, but they would be made here. Thus this page supersedes any page with which it conflicts..

Monday, 7/08 Introduction and Logic  
Tuesday, 7/09 Cultural Ethical Relativism and Standards of Evaluation  
Wednesday, 7/10 Simple Ethical Subjectivism, Emotivism, and Objectivism  
Thursday, 7/11 Divine Command Theory I Examination I
Monday, 7/15 Divine Command Theory II  
Tuesday, 7/16 Natural Law Theory  
Wednesday, 7/17 Utilitarianism I
Thursday, 7/18 Class Cancelled due to Power Outage
Monday, 7/22 Utilitarianism II Examination II
Tuesday, 7/23 Utilitarian Case Analysis  
Wednesday, 7/24 Deontology  
Thursday, 7/25 Deontological Case Analysis Examination III
Monday, 7/29 Contractarianism  
Tuesday, 7/30 Contractarian Case Analysis  
Wednesday, 7/31 Virtue Ethics & Case Analysis  
Thursday, 8/01 Moral Principles Examination IV
Monday, 8/05 The Principle of Analogy  
Tuesday, 8/06 Autonomy and Paternalism  
Wednesday, 8/07 Moral Normative Analysis I  
Thursday, 8/08 Moral Normative Analysis II  
Friday, 8/09 Concluding Remarks Examination V