Thursday 7/18

Today we suffered a campus-wide--really, area-wide--power outage. I've watched the local news, and there's been no mention of why the outage happened. Nevertheless, it was pointless to try to continue to hold class, so after waiting a few minutes to see if it would come back on, I cancelled class. Monday will follow today's schedule. I think we can make up the schedule by shifting our discussion of contractarianism to one day--a bit rushed, but doable.

Utilitarianism II

Examination II

Remember that we have the second of our five in-class examinations today. At 100 points, this one is worth twice as much as the first exam, so the stakes are somewhat higher. In lieu of a practice exam, expect the second exam to be approximately as long as the first one, have about the same mix of kinds of questions, but to focus on:

  • All of Divine Command Theory;
  • All of Natural Law Theory;
  • Most of Utilitarianism, up to but not including what we discuss today;
  • Case Analysis under moral theology (Divine Command Theory and Natural Law Theory); and,
  • Act-Utilitarian Case Analysis.