Introduction to Philosophy

Introduction to Philosophy

Welcome to the Philosophy Gym, where we exercise our minds, no question or puzzle is off-limits, discussions are open, and we discover the importance of entertaining a proposition without believing it.

PHIL 1301.002: Introduction to Philosophy

Summer II 2019
Don Berkich
MTWR 10:00 - 11:55, CI-102


Please note that this schedule is tentative and authoritative: Changes may be made, but they would be made here. Thus this page supersedes any page with which it conflicts..

Monday, 7/08 Aporia
Tuesday, 7/09 The Wisest Man of Athens
Wednesday, 7/10 Analysis I
Thursday, 7/11 Analysis II
Monday, 7/15 Why is there Something, and not Nothing?
Tuesday, 7/16 Does God Exist?
Wednesday, 7/17 Is Intelligent Design Scientific?
Thursday, 7/18 Can We be Good Without God?
Monday, 7/22 Why Be Good?
Tuesday, 7/23 Can We Be Morally Responsible?
Wednesday, 7/24 What is the Mind?
Thursday, 7/25 What is it Like to See the Color Red?
Monday, 7/29 Is Artificial Intelligence Possible?
Tuesday, 7/30 Ex Machina
Wednesday, 7/31 What Am I?
Thursday, 8/01 What is Knowledge?
Monday, 8/05 Will the Sun Rise Tomorrow?
Tuesday, 8/06 Is it All Just Relative Then?
Wednesday, 8/07 What Matters?
Thursday, 8/08 What Shall We Do?
Friday, 8/09 Concluding Remarks