Monday 8/5

Will the Sun Rise Tomorrow?




Today we set aside our scheduled discussion and took up the problem of stochastic terrorism in light of the El Paso mass killer's 'manifesto', bearing in mind of course that understanding is not excusing. If Zimbardo is correct in his book/TED talk, "The Lucifer Effect", then we must pay as much attention to the 'bad barrel makers' as to the 'bad barrels' and, ultimately, the 'bad apples' they contain (to borrow Zimbardo's phrasing.) Without assigning responsibility, what is our role in constructing (or permitting to be constructed) the bad barrels out of which bad apples emerge. Bear in mind that we have seen all this before, many times. If the admonition "never again" is to be respected, we have no alternative but to confront not only the bad apples, but also the bad barrels and the bad barrel makers.

We will pick up where we left of next time. Hopefully we'll be able to get back on track, but if not, no worries. This was an important discussion, I submit.