The James McClellan Philosophy Essay Competition

Submission deadline: December 5th, 2018

The Philosophy program at TAMUCC is pleased to announce the James McClellan Philosophy Essay Competition. There will be a total of four prizes, two for lower and two for upper division courses. The award for each prize is $100.

We invite for submission papers which exhibit clarity of argumentation, rigor and philosophical insight. There are no length requirements, nor is there any restriction to any area of philosophy. For the lower division level, all current students who have written a paper in such a TAMUCC philosophy course are eligible to compete. For the upper division level, the entrants to the competition must be current philosophy majors or minors whose essay was written for a TAMUCC upper level philosophy course. No more than one essay per author will be considered across the two levels.

To enter, please submit a copy of your essay along with the assignment prompt to the following email address by December 5, 2018:

Submissions should be prepared for anonymous review. This means that all references to the author in the body of the paper should be removed, and there should be a cover page including the following information: author name, major and minor, year in school, and title of the paper. The cover page, the essay (including the title) and the assignment prompt should all be part of one and the same document.

Submissions will be reviewed by a panel consisting of philosophy faculty members, who will make final decisions by the end of January, 2019.