Philosophy at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

The Island University is proud to be the only university in the A&M system outside College Station to offer both the minor (18hrs.) and the major (30hrs.) in philosophy. Boasting a long and storied tradition in Applied Ethics, the Philosophy Program has particular strengths which are rare outside much larger universities, including American Pragmatism and Eastern Philosophy.

Final Examination


Please make a note that

  1. Hardcopy answers to exactly five of the following ten questions are due in my office (FC-280) by 5:00 p.m. Wednesday, May 9th;
  2. Everyone is required to answer question #0--the remaining four questions are entirely your choice;
  3. You should arrange an appointment to submit your exam if you plan to do so before 5/9;
  4. Make sure that the questions you are answering are clearly indicated--if I have to guess which question you are answering, I will not grade it even if I have a good idea which question you intended to answer;
  5. No late examinations will be accepted under just about any circumstances, with the possible exceptions of death or dismemberment; and,
  6. No emailed examinations will be accepted without very good reason and prior approval.

Except for the Extra Credit question, each question is worth 60 points. I do not mind if you work in groups to help think about these questions, but your answers must be your own.

Obviously, you should start on this examination as soon as possible. Pace yourself. Don't procrastinate. Get started immediately and spend time on it every day without fail. Be sure to edit your final copy carefully. Read answers aloud to catch errors in grammar and improve clarity.

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