Philosophy at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

The Island University is proud to be the only university in the A&M system outside College Station to offer both the minor (18hrs.) and the major (30hrs.) in philosophy. Boasting a long and storied tradition in Applied Ethics, the Philosophy Program has particular strengths which are rare outside much larger universities, including American Pragmatism and Eastern Philosophy.

Philosophy Club Meeting 4/3

Good Morning, Philosophy Club Members!

Our next meeting is this Tuesday, April 3rd, in EN 101 at 6:45 PM.

We will discuss the following question:

What is the importance of the Individual? Can one person change anything?"

See you there!

Nicholas Vela
Club Historian

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On Science: Favoring the Philosophical

To their delight or dismay, students new to philosophy quickly learn that the puzzle is paramount in philosophy. Solutions--always many, usually complicated--matter less than the intriguing, confounding puzzles spawning them.

Engineers seek solutions, puzzles mostly annoy. And for scientists?

3 Quarks Daily has an article, "In Praise of Fallibility: Why Science Needs Philosophy", which argues against dogmatism in science and for the extraordinary, if discomfiting, value of the anomalous in scientific inquiry.

The journal Nature has an article describing attempts to broaden graduate training in the sciences--to put 'philosophy' front and center in attaining the 'PhD'.